Friday, September 13, 2013

July 3rd 2013: Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!!

Happy 30th birthday to a wonderful husband & daddy! We know this next year will be the BEST one yet!

June 23rd 2013: Wes' 2nd Birthday Party

This year I planned Wes' 2nd birthday party for the weekend after his birthday since his actual birthday fell on Father's Day weekend. We held the party at Beech Acres Park since there was a huge playground and splash park for the kids to play in! We had a lot of family come in from out of town, which was great to have everyone here to celebrate his special day. With 2 siblings on the way, it will be hard to plan big birthday parties in the coming years, so I wanted his last "single" birthday to be special! He had a blast! Thanks to everyone for making his day so special!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


You have filled our lives with so much love and happiness for the past two years! We love you more than you will ever know sweet boy!!

 June 15th 2011

 June 15th 2012

June 15th 2013

June 14th 2013: First Ultrasound!

Today we found out that we are expecting TWINS! We were both shocked and thrilled! According to the doctor, I was 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant, giving me a due date of February 2nd, 2014. Both babies had heartbeats and were measuring right on track!

May 23rd 2013: Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bad Blogger....

Wow! I can't believe my last post was in September! It makes sense, because that is when my maternity leave was over and it was time for me to return to reality. It seems like it was just yesterday I was sobbing, begging Chad to let me stay home. I felt like such a baby, because I know so many moms that have to return to work 5 days a week and I was only going back 2 nights. While it did get easier over time, I still get sad every time I leave for work knowing that I don't get to put him to sleep that night and I don't get to go in his room in the morning and see the huge smile on his face. I know that me working is good for all parties involved, because it gets me out of the house and gives me some adult time (kind of...), Wesley gets daddy time, and the bank account doesn't take as hard of a hit. While I know all of these things, I would still give my right arm if I could stay at home with my sweet baby. Maybe one day...

On to bigger and better things. So much has happened since September. People always say time flies, but I had no idea he would go from being a tiny helpless newborn to a cruising/climbing infant! Wesley is SO BUSY! He gets into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Most of the time he could care less about his toys (although they do come in handy when he wants to stand on something), he wants to play in the fireplace, with our water bottles, electrical cords, anything that is not a baby toy. He climbs stairs, crawls faster than I can run, and cruises on any piece of furniture he can get his little hands on.

I know everyone likes to brag when their babies are ahead in their milestones, but I truly think every baby has their own timeline. Wes has always seemed to be ahead when it comes to motor skills, so he has taken his time with his language skills. I was paranoid for a while, and then I told myself I have to stop reading these dumb books and comparing him to other babies. At almost 9 months old, he makes A LOT of noise, but no real words yet. Just this past week, I started to hear him say "mama," but it has only happened a handful of times. However, the times he has said it, it seemed as if he knew he was saying it to me, which of course melts my heart. He cracks himself up all day long. He LOVES to play peek-a-boo, loves when we say "I'm gonna get you!," he is very ticklish, and is overall a super happy baby. Oh and just last week he started to wave "bye-bye," but it doesn't happen every time.

Wes has been eating 3 solid meals for a couple months now. We have just started finger foods, but most of his big boy food still comes in puree form. He is a pretty good eater, has never seemed too picky, but he definitely likes his fruits more than his veggies. I have been able to continue nursing him and hope to until he is a year old. We are down to about 4 times a day. He will drink water out of our cups or a sippy cup, but it is a sip here and there, so he is not really getting hydrated from it. His nursing sessions are all around sleep times, so I am hoping that when it comes time to wean, that we don't have serious sleep disturbances. He continues to be an early to bed, early to rise kind of baby. He goes to bed around 7:00 pm and he is up between 5:00-6:00 am to nurse then usually back to sleep until 7:00 am (sometimes 8:00 am, but not as often as I would like :) We will see how the time change effects his sleeping habits! He usually takes one good 2 hour nap in the morning and one 30 min cat nap in the afternoon. He has been sleeping in his crib since about 4 months. I wanted to have him in our room until 6 months or so, but he was waking up on the nights I was home, because he could sense I was in the room. While some nights I miss him so much, I just want to go in his room and bring him into ours, I am thankful that he likes his crib, because I would NEVER sleep if he was in our bed every night. I settle for staring at him on our video monitor at night :)

I know there is SO much I have left out, but I figured this is a good start to catching up. It has been really hard on me to work night shift and then on my days off return to a day time person. I'm not sleeping much as I can't flip flop as easily as I used to. So that is my excuse for getting so behind in blogging...and cleaning...and laundry...and cooking. You get the idea. I am going to try and update once per month as I am not sure I can commit to more than that at this time! So until next month...